AUF Communication in solidarity with Cavani

Montevideo, January 4, 2021

The “Asociación Uruguaya de Fútbol” (Uruguayan Football Association)
wishes to express its solidarity and absolute support to Edinson Cavani in
this adverse circumstance in which he has been involved.

We know the player, but we know the human being very especially since he
was a teenager in his passage through the youth teams. We are witnesses of
his noble soul. We have seen him grow towards glory and return once and
again being always the same simple, supportive and humble person.
Edinson is a person of impeccable morals and ethics, a human being of calm
temper and solidary sensitivity.

The analysis of the fact that led to the disciplinary process and the imposed
sanction, has merited its unanimous rejection by those who apply the most
elementary criteria of cultural contextualization and meaning of expressions
in the Spanish language.
In our Spanish language, which differs greatly from the Spanish spoken in
other regions of the world, the nicknames “negro/a” or “negrito/a” are used
regularly as an expression of friendship, affection, closeness and trust, and
in no way refer in a contemptuous or discriminatory manner to the race or
skin color of the alluded person.

The “Academia Nacional de Letras” (National Academy of Letters) of Uruguay
expresses the above with conclusive clarity in its formally issued statement,
indicating – among other arguments – the following:
”In the variety of Spanish language in Uruguay, for example, between
couples and friends, between parents and children, we can hear and read
expressions such as “gordis”, “gordito”, “negri”, “negrito/a”. In fact, the person
who is treated with these vocatives does not have to be overweight or have a
dark skin color”.

It is also relevant to take into account that the gratitude of Cavani that
started this confusion, was addressed to a Uruguayan, who is also his close
friend and therefore, knows and shares hismanner of speaking.

Therefore, it is clear that the process that led to the sanction of Edinson
Cavani has not considered this elementary analysis, thusleading to a flagrant
injustice that damages the morals of a person of impeccable behavior.
Based on these considerations, the “Asociación Uruguaya de Fútbol”
(Uruguayan Football Association) strongly requests the FA to review the
sanction imposed to Edinson Cavani. We are convinced, from our deep
knowledge of his person and the analysis of the fact, that he is not worthy of
neither said sanction, nor the consequent moral injury.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the AUF wishes to express its unwavering
commitment in the fight against racism and all forms of known
discrimination against people, human groups, communities or nations.
Besides, both our Uruguayan Soccer and our Country have been pioneers in
all these struggles in the world, even in times when oppressive regimes of
freedoms and human dignity were still in force. In addition, in our field, the
principles and values that sustain this struggle are incorporated in the
training of footballers and people, and in them Edinson Cavani has been

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