Coronavirus in football: 3 reasons why we should stop it all

It’s all over the news at the moment. Coronavirus has spread across the world and, naturally, it has made its way into football. As with anything surrounding football, debates have cropped up regarding the virus, and there is much doubt over whether all leagues should be suspended or not.

I am convinced that if governments would prefer fans not to be attending games, then we should suspend all competitions. Why? There are 3 main reasons, which I explain below.

Football is for the fans

Many of the world’s top sports stars have explained that their main motivation for performing well is for the fans. Thinking about the people who paid to come in on that day to watch you play, who maybe only had that one chance to watch you play is extra motivation.

As a player you must show these fans that you care and give them something to shout about at every game. And this means respecting the fans above all.

Playing without fans is horrible

The crowd are often referred to as the ‘twelfth man’. Those of us who have been unlucky enough to play behind closed doors know how awful it is. It stops being the sport that I love so much. Football without the fans isn’t football, simple as that.

It’s not just the fans who are at risk

Speaking of health, it’s not just the fans who are at risk! Players, club staff, the press, the stadium staff, etc., they are all at risk, surely? Either everyone is at risk of catching it or no one is at risk of catching it.

An obvious example of this is the owner of Olympiacos and Nottingham Forest, who has tested positive for coronavirus. By all accounts, he was in the dressing room celebrating Olympiacos’ victory against Arsenal. He even met some Arsenal players.

So, it’s not just the fans who can catch it. This is proof that no one is safe.