12th Man Academy podcasts

As a former professional football player and now coach, a year ago, I was offered the amazing opportunity to participate in a podcast project with the aim to take you behind the pitch and show you what goes on in the locker room and how important decisions are made as a coach or manager.

In “12 Man Academy”, throughout the different episodes, Steve (as a fan), Mariano (as a guide-fan-editor) and myself (as a player-coach) share our experiences and reflections on the beautiful game, comment on everyday situations that occur in the world of football and offer our perspectives on what goes on behind the scenes. A series of podcasts with which we would like to offer you a unique and authentic experience where you can discover football from a different perspective.

I am very excited to be able to share our stories and knowledge with you, and I hope you enjoy the episodes as much as we enjoy making them.

So …. join us on this journey behind the curtain of the pitch and discover the ‘why’ behind almost everything that happens in football!”

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