Farewell to Matías Dituro, thank you for everything!

Matías Dituro has gone to Celta Vigo, leaving us with conflicting emotions. On the one hand we are sad to see him go because we have lost a great goalkeeper who we wanted to keep hold of, but on the other hand we are extremely happy he has gone to La Liga in Spain, which will be a great experience for him and his family.

You don’t get an opportunity like this often, they are very rare, and few people have gone to La Liga for the first time at the age of 34. I know that goalkeeper is very different to the other positions, and I would like to reassure them that he is in impeccable physical shape, and that he will be able to play for another 5 years, or even longer, at a high level.

Matías has an excellent skill set, not only when it comes to shot stopping but also when the team needs to keep the ball. His distribution is amazing, which is why I am sure that Celta will benefit from him no end.

I would tell Celta fans that they have got a great professional, a great person and a family man. So, all that’s left is to wish Matías the best of luck on this new adventure and tell him that we will be following his progress from here. 

Thank you for everything Mati. We will miss you!