Lee Cattermole and his change in mentality

A few days ago I couldn’t stop smiling when I heard Lee Cattermole mention my name in an interview with Football-Oranje. I was delighted that he remembered the discussion we had in my office and that he really valued what I said. For me it was a pleasure to manage him.

“Gus Poyet helped me understand and think on the pitch”

In the interview, which you can watch in the link below, Lee reveals that “Over the years, the way in which I approach games has changed… but I have found where I feel most comfortable now in terms of playing football, manager Gus Poyet helped me with that… my manager at Sunderland. He helped me understand and be on the pitch really thinking about where I am and what I’m doing. And I think that’s when I’m at my most comfortable on the pitch”.

The midfielder also says that “I’ve got a lot more going through my head now than just getting around the pitch and making tackles. I’m thinking more on the pitch about the overall game… and I feel like my mind’s working all the time… which is when I feel more comfortable”.

A heart-felt thank you

I would like to thank Lee for his kind words. It was great to hear him acknowledge our chat.

I remember speaking about it that day in my office. When a player like Lee comes to you to express their feelings, you know you need him in your team, because by approaching you, they are showing you that they believe you can help them to improve on an individual level, which will consequently help the team. It was key for him to take on responsibility, a role and a job that he could do every week, by approaching games with a different mindset which then helped him feel more comfortable on the pitch.

Managers must know how to get this out of every player. It is pretty much what defines our job.

So, thanks again Lee for your comments and good luck with your future plans.