The challenge of managing the Greek national team

I am delighted to sign a deal with the Greek football federation to manage the national team. I am returning to a beautiful country full of history and welcoming people who have always treated me well.

As soon as I received the offer, I did not hesitate to accept it. This team has won the European Championship and participated in the finals of the biggest tournaments in the world. 

Greece’s main goal 

Our main goal is to qualify for Euro 2024. This is what the federation made clear right from the start, and we are going to give it our all.

First, we must have a good Nations League this summer. This competition began a few years ago. We are in the third league and in theory we are competing against teams that are at a similar level to us. It is also part of the European Championship qualification process.

My vision of Greek football

I was at AEK Athens for seven months and it was one of the best places I have been to. I have always had a good relationship with Greece and the twists and turns of life have taken me back there. 

I have a lot of respect for Greek footballers, and they are improving greatly. In the last three or four years many players have left Greek shores. We can now see them playing in the Premier League, in Portugal, and in Holland, for example. We need to unite the country’s potential.

Greeks are very similar to Uruguayans as they are intensely passionate about football. Due to recent results and the fact that since the pandemic spectators have not attended games, relations between the team and the Greek public have become more distant. I think it is important to create an environment which makes it difficult for teams to come and play in Greece.

I want to be in the thick of Greek football, that’s why I have made the decision to live there. I will be able to attend domestic games. I will introduce myself to the team soon, and in six weeks’ time we will have two friendlies. I am aware of the players who have played in the last 12-14 national team games, although I would like to out my own stamp on the team.

I am keen to meet the players and get to work. It will be very exciting!