The 2019/20 competitions must end one way or another

A few days ago I explained the 3 main reasons why I believed it was necessary for all competitions to be stopped because of the coronavirus. Finally, common sense prevailed, and the officials ended up stopping them all. Now this has been done, the debate has taken another turn; what’s going to happen to the competitions?

Although there are some people who think the competitions should be left as they are, and that we should end the season now, I think it must be finished properly. Keep reading to find out why.

Justice and common sense

I can’t get my head round why some people think it is okay not to finish the competitions and that the champions, promoted teams and relegated teams should be those teams that currently occupy the respective places in each league. In general, those who think this are usually those who would benefit from this situation, but we need to look for the fairest option.

All leagues must finish, however long it takes. If anything, the 2020/21 season must be the one that changes as it hasn’t started yet and therefore any changes can be established before the season starts and not during it. The 2020/21 competitions can be shortened, the dates can be changed or even cancelled, as all of this can be determined before they begin.

Choosing when to start playing again is a completely different debate, and it’s a worldwide debate that we must answer together.

No excuses

I am convinced that other controversies will crop up when it comes to deciding when to start playing again. Do we need to train for a few weeks and have friendly games before playing official games, for example?

I will give you my opinion; it’s a no! No team should be asking for training weeks prior to restarting the season. All clubs will be in the same situation, so let’s put excuses aside and use common sense.

Think about the long term

If the coronavirus problem is drawn out for longer than we expected, we will need to rethink things in the long term. For example, it wasn’t very clear how the 2021/22 season was going to be affected by the 2022 World Cup in Qatar being played halfway through it. So why not look for a solution now by changing the following seasons?

Look after yourselves, all the best.